As the club aged and the members too, Linda cared for many of them long after they were able to be active within the club. Linda was there for them and helped with household tasks, took them shopping and to appointments. She visited them often bringing them food and checked to be sure they were alright.

Linda cared dearly for the elderly and began doing pet therapy. She especially liked visiting assisted living facilities. Her last 2 dogs, Buddy and Mollie went with Linda to visit nursing homes every Saturday. Mollie jumping through hoops and having her teeth brushed were especially popular tricks.

Dogs were a special part of Lindaís life. Buddy went to work with her every day. Mollie had her full time after Linda retired. The dogs always had plenty of love and companionship. For a special treat on their birthday the dogs had got a cheeseburger from the drive-thru.

Lindaís dedication to the club and what it stands for will always be cherished by the members she left behind. We will always remember her devotion and compassion and strive to fulfill her dreams for Trap Falls Kennel Club to continue as a successful club.
Linda McClain
Linda began her tenure with Trap Falls Kennel Club in 1968. It began and ended as a huge part of her life and dedication to dogs and their devotion to making people happy. She became president of the club in the 1980ís and maintained that post until her passing. Linda remembered with fondness the beginning days of the Trap Falls Kennel Club. Early on the club met in peopleís homes because it was so small. Most were women and stay at home Momís and had plenty of time for volunteering for the club. They were close friends as well as club members, working on many projects together.